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Small Stone Media is a music publishing company with a passion for christian music. We support publishers, composers and lyricists from the Netherlands and abroad in their musical ministries, by being a trustworthy, accurate and supportive partner.

Small Stone Media achieves this goal by developing five complementing activities, the five stones from its logo:

  1. Music Publishing | in its broadest sense.
  2. Rights management | representing and standing up for the rights of authors and publishers from the Netherlands and abroad.
  3. Copyright Administration | for Christian music publishing companies from across the globe for Europe.
  4. Distribution | of (sheet)music, both printed and digital through our own initiatives, such as the European Choral Club, Gospel Music Centre, and, but also in partnership with others, such as
  5. Services | Initiating and / or supporting various activities, reading sessions and conferences, as well as giving advice and counsel in several areas.